About Venessa

Oh hai.

I’m Venessa (with an ‘e’) Paech (‘like cake’). I grew up in Australia’s Northern Territory, travel the world as much as life permits, and am currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

This blog is mainly about online communities and community management. A place to put things for safe keeping and a place to find me.

I hope you’ll find content that feeds your own practices, dreams or ravings.

I hold an MA in Creative Media with a research focus in virtual ethnography from the University of Brighton (UK) and a BFA from New York University.

I’m currently Senior Manager for Community & Content Strategy at ASX digital media company REA Group.

I’m the founder of the Australian Community Managers Roundtable and founder of swarm (Australia’s only national conference for online community managers).

I’m a working choreographer and sing in a band or two when they let me.

My love of technology began with tabletop space invaders, and my passion for communities was firmed via many wonderful years participating in BBS, newsgroup and IRC groups in the early 90s.

I’m a child of science fiction who believes that looking to the stars is an essential and humbling part of being human. I also believe the most impressive, rich online communities were, and still are, found in forum cultures, despite the awesomeness of more recent social networks.

You can learn more about my work on LinkedIn.

I love connecting people, weaving relationships and helping people tell their stories (particularly those whose voices struggle to be heard).

If you’d like to connect, suggest discussion topics or a guest blog, drop me a line at nessa [dot] paech [at] gmail [dot] com, or reach out to me on Twitter @venessapaech


  1. Hi Ruth, As you might expect, I’ve been watching with interest and concern. I’m waiting until the team there sort out what they want to do before posting any detailed commentary. I will say I feel very sad about it all. Many thousands of amazing members (and community managers and moderators) built something unique and great, and it’s extremely disheartening to watch that wink out of existence.

  2. There are a lot of women travelers branch members who are feeling very shut out and shut down, not to mention all the people who want to travel or who have info in their pms they want to access. A wee bit of warning would have been nice, at least! Hope the new year brings it back! Thanks for all you did when you were there. cheers from Ruth, once in China, back in Canada, missing travel.

  3. Venessa, we exchanged a couple of emails in 2010 when I wrote an article for LP. I thought of you when the curtain came down on TT and am glad to hear you are no longer there, although you must know a lot of people who are. Talk about throwing out the baby with the bath water. Whatever faults it had, that was the most informative, honest travel forum on the internet. It was a community with relatively few village idiots or nasty knaves and we usually took care of them ourselves. Spammers didn’t last long. It should come back but come back with an apology to all those who spent their own time and dime giving better and more detailed information than any guidebook is capable of giving. There. I feel better for that.
    (vnrose, Chile)

  4. Hi Venessa. Just wondering whether you have any further insight, now that TT has been open (on a limited basis and with no explanation whatever as to causes or objectives) for nearly a month. It’s a very sad state of affairs, and makes previous upheavals at TT (all of which were better explained) seem extremely minor by comparison.

  5. Another one wishing that you were still at LP and fighting the community’s corner.It’s been painful to lose friends, and all the PMs that good people sent to support me through my husband’s illness and death. It was an astonishingly thoughtless decision by whoever made it.
    I’m curious to know what instigated the whole thing.

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