Have your sayswarm co-chair and good friend Alison Michalk and I have long talked about the need for a survey of online community professionals in the Australian and New Zealand region.

Thanks to the support of Craig Thomler and the good people at Delib Australia, it’s finally up and running – and here she is!

Powered by Delib’s Citizen Space platform, the survey was designed by working community managers and is intended to help us benchmark things like:

  • salary and seniority
  • team size
  • scope and diversity of responsibilities
  • tools and platforms used
  • skills and experience backgrounds and pathways
  • support required and received
  • professional development needs

Community management is a rapidly growing profession and most of the excellent work done to quantify the industry (such as the Community Roundtable’s State of Community Management report) speaks to the U.S or Europe.

While this work is still relevant, community management in Australia and New Zealand needs and deserves tailor made reporting if the industry is to move forward.

The survey results and analysis will be freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike license after they have been compiled, and attendees of swarm will also receive an exclusive presentation based on the report’s findings.

We want people to absorb, share, interpret and discuss the findings as much as possible.

They will help us better help each other, identify and articulate the most pressing issues in our work, create constructive professional development opportunities and resources, map and learn from trends, compare and contrast ourselves to other sectors and international counterparts, define what matters to us and stand up for our worth.

So if you’re a social media manager, online community manager, or your work involves any of either, please take the survey and have your say! Let’s make sure the results are as authentically representative of our industry as they can be.

I for one am incredibly excited and curious about the results.


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