Join the Swarm 2015In 2014 Swarm conference co-founder Alison Michalk and I invited applications for the Swarm Board – a dedicated group of community professionals who could help us continue to improve and evolve the Swarm experience for attendees, sponsors, partners and the industry at large.

We began as roundtable of like minds, then grew to an entire conference.

Now we’re turning five – and growing up.

Meet our Board members

These six gifted and passionate community builders and thinkers have been appointed to the inaugural Swarm Board, and we can’t wait to work with them to bring Swarm 2015 to life.

Anne Shea


Anne Shea Swarm Conference Board Member

As Social Media Manager for the University of Melbourne, Anne helped bring Swarm to the University in 2014. She is excited to see the conference flourish with partnerships in higher education, in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Anne has recently taken on a marketing management role at The University of Melbourne and has a special interest in integrating community management lessons into the wider marcomms landscape.

Matthew Cox


Matthew Cox Swarm Conference Board Member

Matthew is Managing Director at Dialogue Consulting, a Melbourne consultancy specialising social and digital media strategy, risk management and advisory services.

Matthew has a degree in Professional Communication from RMIT and has worked across Australia for healthcare, not-for-profits, entertainment, government, FMCG, real estate sectors and more.

Nicole Jensen

Nicole Jensen Swarm Conference Board Member


Nicole is a freelance social media strategist in Brisbane who shows people how to use social media effectively, creatively and resourcefully.

She has managed social media for agencies, big business, small business, not-for-profits, associations, lobby campaigns, job seekers, students, and teachers. Her specialities are strategy, content marketing and digital reputation management.

She managed online community and events for BTUB, the Brisbane Twitter social group (one of the most successful in Australia) for over five years.

Scott Drummond


Scott Drummond Swarm Conference Board Member

Sydney based Scott is Social Strategy Director Medium Rare Content Agency, where he helps organisations develop strategies, manage risks and identify opportunities in the social media and community landscape.

The former Head of Social Media at Ogilvy Indonesia, Scott has also worked as Social Media Director at Host Sydney, Head of Social Media at Australian digital agency Holler as and Community Manager for Optus.

Recently Scott spent half a year travelling from Sydney to London with his family using every type of transport except a plane.

Nicole Thomas


Nicola Thomas Swarm Conference Board MemberNicole is the Community Manager at SANE Australia, a national mental health organisation. She heads up their latest initiative, SANE Forums; a community for people living with mental health difficulties and for those who care for them.

Nicole’s background in mental health, social science and education are the key ingredients to her role as Community Manager.

With previous roles at, NSW Department of Education, and learning and development company Be Learning, she brings an eclectic skill set to the world of Community Management.

Sarah Hawk


Sarah Hawk Swarm Conference Board MemberFormerly a developer in the corporate world, Hawk (known as Sarah by her mother) said goodbye to the code and succumbed to the lure of all things community.

Passionate about the science behind community management, Hawk has worked as a Community Strategist for SitePoint and UXMastery and as a Community Manager for Emoderation. Currently she works with Feverbee.

With a decade of experience staffing and managing forums, Hawk has recently focused on working with brands to integrate their communities into their primary digital presence.

Feel free to reach out to any of us throughout 2015 about Swarm stuff – and we look forward to welcoming you to the Swarm community for a very special fifth year.


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