It’s an exciting time for community practitioners. People everywhere are learning that successful business, management and change agency in this century requires an understanding of human systems – how to build them, sustain them and optimise them. This is the art and science of community, and its future is bright.

Recognising this, the team at Pausefest have kindly asked myself and Swarm co-founder Alison Michalk to host a masterclass at Pausefest 2016 on distributed leadership lessons from community veterans.

Colleagues gathering

Community management is the future of all management
Date: Wednesday February 10, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 1:30pm
Venue: Fed Square Crossbar, Building Level 1, Federation Square, Melbourne

Community builders and managers have built a decade of best practice in managing and mobilising humans – catalysing the purposeful and mitigating the destructive.

As work and workplaces have evolved, the approaches and tactics used by community builders are now being drawn on by leaders who want to lead from the centre out instead of top down (but still lead).

They’re generating wins in business, culture, engagement and wellbeing.

Alison and I will explain why community is now a leadership discipline – and what this means for the future of our organisations.

Together with a room full of fellow trailblazers, we’ll unpack community management as distributed leadership and, examine how it produces the kind of working cultures we need.

Interested? Make sure you come along to Pausefest!


2 thoughts on “Communities are the future of management

  1. In today’s world of “ultra connectivity” leaders at all levels and all institutions must learn to adapt. No longer are the days of barking orders to subordinates relevant. Everyone, from the lowest to the highest has ideas that can change the direction an organization is going. Leaders need to pause, and assess these ideas

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