Social media Code of Ethics

I'm proud to jointly release a new Code of Ethics for professional social media and community managers in Australia. The standard was developed in collaboration with the Australian Community Managers industry group, digital media researchers Dr Fiona Martin and Dr Jonathan Hutchison (University of Sydney), Alison Michalk and myself. The Code of Ethics can be … Continue reading Social media Code of Ethics


2015 Australian Community Management Survey

In Australia there are hundreds of working community managers and very little is known about them. That changes now. For every social media crisis, successful campaign, community launch or seeding of an online movement, there's a community manager in the mix, who is usually a cypher. That's by design. It's not about the community manager, … Continue reading 2015 Australian Community Management Survey

Community Manager Appreciation Day Panels

Community Manager Appreciation Day is coming up on January 26, 2015 (January 27 here in Australia). Community management professionals and advocates around the world are gathering together for 24 hours worth of Google hangouts on different topics and issues. (Here's the epic team that pull it all together). The Hangout-a-thon covers everything from moderation, to crisis management, … Continue reading Community Manager Appreciation Day Panels

Social Media or Community?

I’ve led social media and community management for companies, hired, and worked with many social media managers and community managers. Let's be honest - the two roles are often confused. The number of blog posts explaining the difference should be a tip-off. (I like this one, fwiw: Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management - Rachel Happe, Community Roundtable) … Continue reading Social Media or Community?

What makes a good community manager?

Too often people hire community managers when they're really looking for a social media marketer, an SEO specialist, or customer service officer. These can all be helpful skills for an online community manager (and are frequently expected of a community manager), but recruiting to those backgrounds is looking in the wrong place. It starts with knowing what you … Continue reading What makes a good community manager?