2015 Australian Community Management Survey

In Australia there are hundreds of working community managers and very little is known about them. That changes now. For every social media crisis, successful campaign, community launch or seeding of an online movement, there's a community manager in the mix, who is usually a cypher. That's by design. It's not about the community manager, … Continue reading 2015 Australian Community Management Survey


Meet the new Swarm Board

In 2014 Swarm conference co-founder Alison Michalk and I invited applications for the Swarm Board - a dedicated group of community professionals who could help us continue to improve and evolve the Swarm experience for attendees, sponsors, partners and the industry at large. We began as roundtable of like minds, then grew to an entire conference. Now … Continue reading Meet the new Swarm Board

Swarm 2015: call for speakers

Add your voice to the only industry conference for online community professionals in the Asia Pacific region. Swarm, Australia's national conference for community managers and social media professionals, is celebrating it's fifth year in 2015- and it's going to be huge! Each year Swarm gathers a host of remarkable international and Australian presenters for attendees, … Continue reading Swarm 2015: call for speakers

Community Manager Appreciation Day Panels

Community Manager Appreciation Day is coming up on January 26, 2015 (January 27 here in Australia). Community management professionals and advocates around the world are gathering together for 24 hours worth of Google hangouts on different topics and issues. (Here's the epic team that pull it all together). The Hangout-a-thon covers everything from moderation, to crisis management, … Continue reading Community Manager Appreciation Day Panels

Benefits of owned community vs. social networks

While social networks have enjoyed the spotlight for many years, branded - or owned - communities never went away. Popular owned communities like Flyertalk, Essential Baby, Whirlpool, Mumsnet, American Express, Gaia Online, ReachOut, not to mention countless customer service communities, have balanced an on-network community with a strategic presence in social media for many years. These entities still add … Continue reading Benefits of owned community vs. social networks

Are you ready for community?

When I'm asked to help a company with a community strategy, I juggle mixed reactions. I'm thrilled someone is interesting in developing community, having watched it become the most powerful asset for many companies. And I'm immediately concerned it might be for the wrong reasons (which will doom it to failure). Sadly it's often the latter. To figure … Continue reading Are you ready for community?

Silence & the value of ‘slow’ community

Sitting here watching the dramatic siege in Sydney's Martin Place unfold with the rest of Australia and many around the world, it's impossible to avoid the social media noise. It's still humming. It's speculative, occasionally hate-filled, intermittently impassioned. If you turn off your devices (and good luck with that), it follows you to the news. It's prompted me to … Continue reading Silence & the value of ‘slow’ community