Symposium: Digital Data and Automation in Everyday Life Symposium, Digital Ethnography Research Centre, RMIT (2017)

‘The inevitable exile: a missing link in online community discourse’, Digital dialogues and community 2.0: After avatars, trolls and puppets, T. Brabazon (ed), (Oxford: Chandos, 2012)

Publish or perish: digital presence and mobility as worth, Fast Capitalism 8.2

A method for the times: a meditation on virtual ethnography faults and fortitudesNebula, 6.4

Venessa Paech RMIT Symposium
Presenting at the RMIT Symposium Digital Data and Everyday Life, on Automation, AI & online community management

Selected opinion features:

Automation, AI & Community Management: the soul in our new machines (Marketing Magazine)

Surefire tips to create a winning customer community (B & T)

How to fly your business through a social media storm (HuffPo)

Social media is dead. Long live community. (B & T)

How community management can create thriving company culture (JobAdvisor)

5 tips for building community around your startup (Start Up Smart)

It’s just social media management, right? (Mumbrella)

Quick tips to take down the trolls (Social Media Week Sydney)

Brian & ‘community copyright’ (Quiip)

Online community identity & choice: Blizzardgate (Quiip)

Selected interviews

A chat about community and future cultures (KJR)

Podcast: How Community Management Can Impact All Areas of Management  (Community Signal Podcast)

Social media and community managers: The people battling anti-halal trolls and online abuse (

Podcast: Feature interview with Venessa Paech on the past, present and future of online communities (Cluetrain Station)

How dominates with content: Interview with Senior Manager for Content and Community Strategy, Venessa Paech (Telstra Smarter Business Blog)

Rising Star: Venessa Paech shares her thoughts on digital marketing (The Guardian)

How to create content for online communities (Outbrain Blog)

REA Group’s Venessa Paech shares 3 tips for online community management that boost sales and improve products (

Brand managers should cut trolls off at the knees (AdNews)

5 top tips for community governance (Knowledge Bird)

Travel talk with Lonely Planet Girl, Venessa Paech (SoSauce)

Community management revealed: Interview with Venessa Paech of Lonely Planet (Online Community Strategist)

Interview with the Netherlands Community Management collective (

Featured contributor, A Guide to Managing and Moderating Customer Review Sites (emoderation Whitepaper)

Brand evangelism: Interview with Lonely Planet’s Venessa Paech (ETB News)


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