Communities are the future of management

It’s an exciting time for community practitioners. People everywhere are learning that successful business, management and change agency in this century requires an understanding of human systems – how to build them, sustain them and optimise them. This is the art and science of community, and its future is bright. Recognising this, the team at Pausefest have… Read More Communities are the future of management

Work is a trust equation

Work is not a place. Work is a trust equation. It’s something some businesses are still struggling to understand and challenging themselves to implement. Case in point, the UK’s Daily Telegraph, which recently installed sensors under employee desks to detect when they were present (therefore presumably, ‘working’). The little black boxes were provided by a company called OccupEye,… Read More Work is a trust equation

Beware the army of clones

When community has been well crafted and managed over time, its members will feel a strong sense of belonging and be able to articulate membership identifiers that make them feel part of the group. It’s natural that many of those communities – built around purpose, topic or practice – are characterised by sameness rather than otherness. People join, participate and… Read More Beware the army of clones

Ping-pong won’t solve your culture problem

Businesses world over are struggling to build and maintain healthy cultures. They’re reaching for tools and toys that organisations with vibrant cultures often appear to possess, feeling like they’ve glimpsed the solution: a new intranet platform, a company hack-a-thon, an open plan office or the ping-pong table that’s become a cliche. We see this with online communities… Read More Ping-pong won’t solve your culture problem

2015 Australian Community Management Survey

In Australia there are hundreds of working community managers and very little is known about them. That changes now. For every social media crisis, successful campaign, community launch or seeding of an online movement, there’s a community manager in the mix, who is usually a cypher. That’s by design. It’s not about the community manager,… Read More 2015 Australian Community Management Survey

Swarm 2015: call for speakers

Add your voice to the only industry conference for online community professionals in the Asia Pacific region. Swarm, Australia’s national conference for community managers and social media professionals, is celebrating it’s fifth year in 2015- and it’s going to be huge! Each year Swarm gathers a host of remarkable international and Australian presenters for attendees,… Read More Swarm 2015: call for speakers